Public Relations and Journalism


The relationship between public relations and journalism is very closely related, but has several distinctive differences.  The first thing that comes to mind is the need for effective writing ability that is essential with both PR and journalism. “They interview people, gather and synthesize large amounts of information, write in a journalistic style, and are trained to produce good copy on deadline”(Wilcox,Cameron, Reber, Shin, 2011,p.12).

As stated in this article” It does seem that we are doomed to have an endless debate about the relationship between journalists and PR professionals. The fact is that we have a mutually dependent relationship. The press cannot do its job without PR and PR needs the press”. Both have very different roles being that journalist simply provide information to inform the public whereas PR specialists take this a step further by providing information but attempt to change the overall outlook for the public in its best interest. Also journalist target the masses, but PR professionals often target specific groups. Therefore journalist can be seen as looking at things as a whole and public relations specialist are going to analyze every detail in order to make sure the image of the organization is kept in tact.

With the changes in technology with online newspapers, the iPad, kindle, and easy access to the news through television how will these changes affect the relationship between Public Relations and Journalism. At first glance I would think these changes in news would greatly affect journalism possibly causing the field to diminish in the future. After reading this article I am shocked it states,”All generally accepted truths notwithstanding, more than 96 percent of newspaper reading is still done in the print editions, and the online share of the newspaper audience attention is only a bit more than 3 percent.” This is quite surprising but this shows that many Americans still want a hard copy of a newspaper and are not giving into todays technology.

Therefore, I dont believe the relationship will change much but will grow with technology. Even if print journalism decreases there will still be journalist to gather information and PR professionals needed to interpret and use that information for their companies and publics.




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