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Are You Miracle Whip?


What comes to mind when you think of Miracle Whip? Well I think what old people eat on sandwiches even my grandmother only has miracle whip at her house, and I’m forced to buy my own mayo when I come visit. Well the company is trying to change its image and cater to a younger crowd. Stating in the video “We will not tone it down”. This sounds like a pretty bold statement sort of like “yes we like miracle whip and not ashamed to admit it!”

As seen in this commercial there are young adults having a good time they seem to enjoying life full of energy and ready to eat some miracle whip right? Well the company is trying to persuade the audience that you don’t have to be old to eat Miracle Whip everyone can love this delicious condiment. Would this commercial persuade you to try it? Well in my opinion its an issue of preference no matter how good the commercial is if you don’t like the taste it doesn’t matter. One thing the company can do with these commercials is to at least get people to try the product.

Another tactics that they used in the commercial was basically was speaking against mayo. In this article there are more details about miracle whips strategies. The company has even went as far as getting people like Pauly D from Jersey Shore and Lady Gaga to endorse the product to show how cool it is!!

The Kraft website describes their tactics for the new Miracle Whip campaign.

Does the commercial work? In my opinion no matter how good the advertisement it’s all a matter or preference. I can see the direction that the company is trying to go in, but I don’t know how successful it will be.



Public Realtions and Scrapbooking


Many would describe public relations as being able to create a positive image for a specific public by using various outlets that suits an audience. Scrapbooking is a type of arts and crafts in which the artist takes pictures, stickers, buttons,yarn, stamps, and any other objects to create artistic pages in a book. This website provides ideas and various layouts for scrapbooks.  How can PR and Scrapbooking be similar?

Most scrapbooks have a specific purpose for the book such as: high school memories, college years, birthday, retirement, or graduation. The book is usually specifically catered to an audience therefore the creator has to be aware of the factors that would have an influence of the book. Here is an example of a simple layout for a page.

This image is an example of scrapbook page I found off the internet most likely for a skateboarder. The page specifically caters to a skateboarder showing images of a skateboarder in the middle of a trick. The words state “dwell in the possibilities” which would be influential to someone who participates in such a dangerous yet adventurous sport.

As with PR it is the job of the department to cater to the audience as with a scrapbook page. Every component has to be thought of when it comes to PR so the message will be understandable from social media, tv, radio, flyers, surveys, interviews and much more. As with scrapbooks from the colors, page type, pictures, words the same as with Public Relations.

In this article posted by Todd Defren he describes “The 7 Elements of Good PR”.  Some of the things he stated was establishing relationships with the client, and also that PR is proactive and uses more than one idea. These elements in my opinion are also important in scrapbooks by either making books for free or charging the creator is developing a relationship with the client to figure out what best suits them. Also this craft does take a lot of idea generation which results in “thinking outside the box”. As with Public Relations sometimes one has to do unconventional things sometimes to reach a group.

 These two things may seem quite different but have more in common than what meets the eye.