Are You Miracle Whip?


What comes to mind when you think of Miracle Whip? Well I think what old people eat on sandwiches even my grandmother only has miracle whip at her house, and I’m forced to buy my own mayo when I come visit. Well the company is trying to change its image and cater to a younger crowd. Stating in the video “We will not tone it down”. This sounds like a pretty bold statement sort of like “yes we like miracle whip and not ashamed to admit it!”

As seen in this commercial there are young adults having a good time they seem to enjoying life full of energy and ready to eat some miracle whip right? Well the company is trying to persuade the audience that you don’t have to be old to eat Miracle Whip everyone can love this delicious condiment. Would this commercial persuade you to try it? Well in my opinion its an issue of preference no matter how good the commercial is if you don’t like the taste it doesn’t matter. One thing the company can do with these commercials is to at least get people to try the product.

Another tactics that they used in the commercial was basically was speaking against mayo. In this article there are more details about miracle whips strategies. The company has even went as far as getting people like Pauly D from Jersey Shore and Lady Gaga to endorse the product to show how cool it is!!

The Kraft website describes their tactics for the new Miracle Whip campaign.

Does the commercial work? In my opinion no matter how good the advertisement it’s all a matter or preference. I can see the direction that the company is trying to go in, but I don’t know how successful it will be.



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  1. I have actually never seen this before. I think it is great to directly address your critics, Stephen Colbert or anyone for that matter. As someone who gags at the idea of eating any type of mayonnaise, until recently, I did not know there was such a polarized argument for the distinction between mayo and Miracle Whip. If Miracle Whip is considered the condiment of choice for the “older generation,” this commercial seems to be a good strategy for attracting the younger crowd. It reminds me of a cell phone commercial- maybe it’s the dancing. I’m not sure, lol. But, directly addressing the critics and their comments is a bold strategy, and I give Miracle Whip props for doing so.

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  3. I never saw this commercial before however, I do not believe that this commercial was very persuasive like you said. I believe that when it comes to food products, it is all about person preference. The ad did make a decent attempt to influence but, I personally do not believe it will be very effective.

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