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The last movie I saw in theatres was Paranormal Activity 3. When I think back to how I first noticed the movie was the movie previews. The movie previews showed the terrifying scenes of horror and suspense capturing viewers. Also the fact that there were two previous movies that I had seen added to the advertising aspect. The movie trailers showed audiences sitting in theaters with their hands over their faces adding to the extra promotion of the film. In addition to advertisements on television I remember seeing online advertisements. This article discusses the rise of online advertisements. It’s almost impossible to go about your day online and not see an advertisement for an upcoming feature film.  The ad may be a banner across your e-mail server, or a pop up ad on your favorite news page. 

Also, the last concert I went to was a “Silent Disco” in Atlanta. I actually heard about this through a radio station to win Bonaroo tickets over the summer. The radio advertisement explained dancing in your own world while you being the only one that hears the music through headphones. This actually turned into a very funny sight to see. The group I went with also heard about it through the email newsletter sent out through the radio station for frequent listeners.  Here is the actual flyer for the event.

The way information is filtered to the public is important for success whether it be a movie or concert.


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  1. Davia,
    The methods I learned about Paranormal Activity 3 are just like yours! The way the public relations team advertised that film made it seem that much more frightening. I think we have talked in class about how people rely and trust people’s reviews more than any other mode of advertisement. Seeing the movie audience’s reactions to Paranormal Activity not only made me expect it to be scarier than the first two but also to pull me in more. What if the movie didn’t have that promotion, though? Do you think it would have the same success, relying just on basic ads and expectations from the previous movies? It’s an interesting thing to think about!

  2. I can not even watch any Paranormal Activity movies, ha! But, you are so correct about the successful advertisements. Those advertisements in fact scare me even more. The ad leaves you on the edge of your seat gaining more and more suspension. With the rise of internet we have seen the movie industry change drastically. The way they promote and advertise has changed even more using those listed online promotional tools.

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