Could I Be A PR Coordinator For Stone Mountain Park?


The following is a link to an entry level position as a Public Relations Coordinator for Stone Mountain Park.  This job has a lot of requirements some that I would be comfortable with as a student working towards a PR degree and others not so much. The first requirement that caught my eye was the ability to make press kits.  This website goes into great detail on what a press kit is and how to create one. The site recommends the following items to be incorporated into the kit such as: a letter of introduction, information on the company, product and service information, recent press publications and articles, press releases, sample news stories, audio and video files of radio or TV interviews, speeches, performances and any other media-covered event, and frequently asked questions. When I first saw this responsibility of creating a press kit would seem overwhelming, but with the right information and resources I’m sure I could create one.

The next two requirements I know I would love to do are the following: assist in creating content for social media and assist in the planning and/or coordination of events or media functions.  This is the current park Facebook page!/pages/Stone-Mountain-Park/143910765649330. After viewing this page if I received the job I would absolutely update the page and make it more current. Managing Social Media I believe I would enjoy, because I enjoy it now and I understand the power it has on public opinion. Also creating and managing events yes its stressful, but I enjoy getting every tiny detail together and creating something great!!

I believe getting more exposure such as: creating press releases, making brochures and flyers, and an INTERNSHIP most of all would be key in helping me be qualified for this job if I were to apply. I feel that an internship would provide that hands on experience into the world of PR. Could I be a PR Coordinator for Stone Mountain Park well not today, but one day soon!!


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