To Blog Or Not To Blog?


I have actually enjoyed blogging in this class a lot!! I think I like it the most, because there are less stipulations other than grammar but I am free to speak my mind. This blog has allowed me to be creative as far as how my information is presented, kind of like my own little world. After this class I think I will continue this for non-class purposes. I think it will be a great asset as far as helping me in the PR world that lies ahead.

This website describes the brief history of blogging The site goes into to detail about the first to ever blog and how it came about. In my opinion we have all been blogging before we even knew what we were doing. I can remember in elementary school having a diary in a way this was my blog!! This class helped me see how blogging can be both positive and negative when it comes to PR. A blog can help boost a companies reputation or tear it down depending on what information is provided to the public.

Lastly, this website gave some very interesting facts when it comes to blogging. .The most interesting statistics were the following-

  • Professional and self-employed bloggers are more affluent: nearly half have an annual household income of $75,000 and one third topped the $100,000 level
  • 60% are 18-44
  • 75% have college degrees

I found these stats quite interesting just a little something to make me want to continue blogging!!


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  1. It’s crazy how many companies and organizations are looking for people to write, and not only write well but to write with a creative flair. I think that having such a great blog is going to help you go far because I think this is a great launching pad to get you noticed. Good stuff!

  2. I definitely loved that you posted statistics about blogging! I was surprised a how much money they make. I hope to one day be able to blog everyday about my dream job in sports public relations.

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  4. I agree with your response! I also enjoy blogging. When I was younger, I would write in journals and diaries only to rip the pages out later so that no one would be able to snoop! It will be beneficial in the future to look back on what we thought we knew about pr and our various opinions as college students.

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