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PR Practitioners and Media


PR Practitioners and the media go hand in hand when it comes to Public Relations. Practitioners use the media to get out messages, as press for the company, and to work together to produce the best image for the company.The media can come in many shapes ans forms from social media, newspapers, magazines, news coverage etc.

For instance, when a company has a crisis the media comes into play. The media is used to provide positive exposure for the company to fix the issues at hand. The right news coverage from the media will help the company out of bad situations faster. Also, a practitioner uses the media to give the company positive light. Another example, if Doritos was being featured at a food expo for a new product. If a CNN news anchor was there to provide footage of Doritos company this could be great news coverage for the new product.

Also, the media could prove to be negative press in certain situations. Therefore, its important for the company to have positive relations with the media. Essentially its important for PR Practitioners to have a good relationship with the media, because the media could be good or bad when it comes to PR. The practitioners job is to keep the image of the company in tact at all times by any means necessary.


Uniformity Through Writing


I believe it is essential to have a uniform system of writing by different professionals. This uniform system makes it easier to keep track of information in a systematic manner which allows for a much simpler way of communication. By having these systems set in place there is always a specific way to search for information in papers.

I do find it difficult to rely on these systems, because it makes writing papers hard in following these rules. This does need to be set in place in order to allow maximum precision through writing. If these rules were not set in place there would be a lot of confusion as to how to format papers.

According to, The APA guidelines were developed to ensure the reader of the written material  can easily understand the theme of the paper as well as gain an understanding of  its theory. Unfortunately as a student I still find these systems to be difficult t understand. I just had the experience of writing my first research paper using APA style, and I found it to be stressful and irritating. In the world of information we live in this is important, even though it seems so tedious and picky.