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Media and PR


The relationship with PR professionals and the media is very important. Proper communication with the media could mean success or failure in the world of PR. PR professionals work with the media in a variety of ways for getting out information through the media. For example, PR would use the newspaper, television, social media, and radio as a means to inform the public. This relationship has to very strong in order for both parties to work together in the best interest of the company as well as the media outlet.For example, the coverage of the Tiger Woods events from a PR standpoint needed to include a good media outlet to show Tiger in the best light. Also, good coverage of PR by a specific media outlet could provide a good form of publicity for that particular media. PR professionals need to understand that success with the media could mean a success, and bad media coverage could lead to familiar.


Racing into PR


The field of PR has grown rapidly over the past years. I believe there are several reasons for this rapid growth. The first reason is more education in regards to what Public Relations is and what the career entails.  Also, more research going into the importance of PR in today’s society, therefore causing more individuals to be interested in the field.  According to, Spending on traditional and digital (word-of-mouth marketing) public relations services in the U.S. totaled $5.7 billion in 2010, a 12.8-percent year-over-year increase. This shows how the industry is continuing to grow.

Also, I believe the field is growing because many skills required to be successful in PR are necessary in many aspects of life. For example, effective communication skills, good writing skills, ability to work through crisis, and take initiative as a worker. According to this website there are ten PR skills of tomorrow needed today. The skills stated are relationship development, strong journalistic writing and storytelling, and programming and design. All these skills are taken for granted in everyday situations, but these “little” things are what makes the field so successful.

As a student I also realized that Public Relations is used in so many aspects of our society. For example,anything from small businesses to large firms have some type of PR. Without PR a business would not be able to effectively communicate with the public.  Even though it may seem like PR is not important more people are realizing its benefits therefore allowing for such a rapid growth.

Communication is Power


This statement is the sheer essence of the role of Public Relations. Communication is key; being able to communicate effectively plays an important role in being able to reach your audience. Exceptional communicators are able to identify with the audience in order to persuade or inform. Being able to communicate with others is a powerful act that has the ability to change attitudes or behaviors. In the field of PR communication skills could either produce success or failure depending on how effective communication is. Communicating can be expressed in numerous ways from symbols, language, pictures, facial expressions etc.

For example, some of the greatest speakers are able to engage their audiences. Take a look at Barack Obama during his presidential campaign he was able to change a whole countries attitude and win the election. All using one word “change”.

The following chart shows how that most communication is nonverbal and tone while the actual words account for the smallest part of communication. Being able to deliver a message by having the appropriate factors to arouse an audience in my opinion provides for the best grounds for communication. Therefore, communication is truly powerful, because it has the ability to create images, change attitude, persuade, and inform all at the same time.

Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your communication skills so that when important occasions arise, you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity, and the emotions to affect other people Jim Rohn