Modern and Traditional Communication Tools in PR


Modern communication tools in the world of PR would include the huge factor of technology. Due to technology PR Practitioners can use things such as social media, Skype, and a range of other possibilities because of technology. These new forms of communication tools allow practitioners to reach a much larger range of public’s. Also an advantage to modern communication tools is its ability to reach the younger generation.  Nowadays younger people want pr that specifically caters to their needs and takes into account the world in which they live. Whereas traditional communication tools such as just news releases, flyers, and brochures do not seem to reach the audiences of today as quickly and efficiently as modern tools. Both modern and traditional tools have the ability to reach many audiences as well as get messages out to the public. In terms of best suiting for today’s world modern tools are engaging, interactive, and exciting. The main difference in my opinion between the two is that modern tools give the audience more say in how they interpret media and respond. Whereas traditional media doesn’t have much room for audience engagement and feedback.


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