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There are several factors that make information newsworthy timing, proximity, significance, prominence, and human interest. All these elements make a story newsworthy and attractive to readers. The main goal of those covering news stories are to find stories that will interest readers. I had a teacher who said, “Nobody wants to read a story where a dog bites a man, but man bites dog that’s a news story!” Finding stories that are bizarre and unconventional are also considered newsworthy. The elements are used to select news stories, because there is so much news and the journalist cannot cover every story. The editor essentially makes the final call as to what will be covered.


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As seen in this political cartoon “Look at this no trouble anywhere. I want my money back!” This defines the exact goal of newsworthiness it has to be news readers want to read!


Direct Mail and PR


The use of direct mail in PR is quite powerful, because it is something tangible that the consumer can have. With direct mail the company has the ability to try different formats and designs for the nest possible look for their company. Also, it is easy to track how much the company spent as well as judging the costs and benefits of using direct mail. It is a great way to gain attention as well as move people to action. Also, specifically if using direct mail as PR for political campaigns this could seem more personal that a voice recording or email. According to “ Think of the many kinds of direct mailing pieces which should advance your company’s message each time they are sent: appointment confirmations, thank you notes, information/facts sheets, newsletters, brochures, invoices, holiday greetings, marketing letters, flyers, article reprints, invitations, new product/service announcements, fax cover sheets, e-mail signature…. And these are not all of the so many opportunities to present your clear and consistent message”.